The Techforgood Tour: Nantes

What is techforgood?

Techforgood is an organisation dedicated to promoting the use of technology used for social change. They promote this socially conscious technology by featuring stories, videos and podcasts and also by organising events and building communities that foster techforgood.

What makes tech “good” or “bad” isn’t always too black or white but techforgood support those companies that comply with their 10 main principles. These mainly cover tech that benefits the social needs of the 99%, that is produced and provided by socially responsible organisations. Techforgood describe this as “tech with humankind in mind”.


Techforgood France

Organisations makesense and Latitudes co-founded a techforgood tour around France. Both of these companies have a focus on supporting ideas and projects that are focused on sustainability and social consciousness, Makesense with entrepreneurs and Latitude with engineers and developers.

This Tour was supported by a large number of other companies and visited 5 cities; Saclay, Lyon, Toulouse, Nantes and Nice.

The goals of the tour were to connect social and technological innovators, understand and shine a light on local “techforgood”, the overall goal being to raise awareness about techforgood, connect innovators and shine a light on projects across France.



Techforgood Tour Nantes

The techforgood tour stop in Nantes consisted of a number of events over 3 days between the 23rd and 25th of April.

A lot of these events consisted of interventions reserved exclusively for Universities across Nantes. These were to introduce these students to the world of socially responsible business and included a Q&A with a techforgood project leader.

The techforgood tour also held events including a breakfast, which detailed the impact new technology could have, and an evening open to the public on the subject of the role of techforgood in tackling social and environmental issues.



My Experience

I was able to attend the soiree which took place on the 24th of April in La Cantine of Nantes.

I got to take part in a round table event where the role of technology in tackling environmental and social issues was discussed. After this, I had the opportunity to listen to presentations from local entrepreneurs about their techforgood projects, including that of Mobidys a company using technology to help people with dyslexia to read more easily



Its clear that techforgood can play an extremely important role in the social and environmental aspects of our future, and events like the techforgood tour in Nantes are a step in the right direction.

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