Web-serie : introduction by Nicolas Levy and follow-up

Last week we had a Marketing lecture by Nicolas Levy, ‎Global Strategy Director at Marcel Worldwide. Here is his linkedin profile : https://fr.linkedin.com/in/nicolaslévy-85070149

He presented the DS marketing strategy which is based on a web-serie.

It was actually pretty clever ! Have a look on the pilot episode here : DS4 episode 1

It made us wonder about this new advertising format.

  • Shake-up traditional ways of communicating
  • Engage people as they want to see the next episode
  • Generate integrated brand content
  • Create proximity with customers
  • Fun and short

People have the same attitude toward it as when we watching TV shows which is a good way to catch their attention !

So let’s dig more and inspire ourselves with some examples of famous web-series :

Nescafe Really Friends web-serie :

Afficher l'image d'origine 30 episodes of 4minutes showing a man meeting his facebook friends in real over a cup of coffee.

A good case study to summarize this campaign : watch it here



BNP Paribas Mes Colocs web-serie :

Afficher l'image d'origine10 episodes of 1min30 each led to 15millions views as the videos depict in a fun-way the habits of young people.

Here is a short case study to present this campaign : watch it here




Afficher l'image d'origineIn order to challenge preconceived ideas and promote a more digitalized Africa, Africangeek is a 6 episodes very funny web-serie. Videos in French : watch it here



Team: Les ATAWAddicts

Melody Lan Ah Loi Max Moock ; Clara Lheriau ; Anne Laure Versaevel ; Sébastien Vosl (Français)

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