Newsletter #25

What’s been hot this week ? The launch of the first digital beauty shop in Paris, a sexy device that will make you want play more with your doors, Google’s new crazy or genius connected device, a super talk on internet without hardware and, as most of us are looking for a job right now, few tips on how to boost your linkedin profile. Last but not least, the Facebook emoji so many people wanted !


Flash, the 3.0 beauty shop

3.0 Sephora digital shop

Sephora has launched its first disruptive and fully connected shop! It involves being welcomed by a robot, use a digital basket, add digital products to your cart… Shoppers can enjoy a personalized shopping experience, interact and engage with the brands, use selfie-mirrors and even charge their phones while trying out the products!

To know more about this breaking-the-code Sephora shop, read more here !


August Smart Lock, opening a door becomes sexy!

In our digital age with connected devices being a new trend, a start-up created a door lock

This innovation is convenient as it gives different level of access to your home, brings back the fun of opening door again, tackles safety problem and is also connected to a doorbell camera.

Want to know more about it ? check the video here


Google solar-power connected contact lense : crazy or genius ?

Google_solar_power_lenseImagine your contact lenses to be able to communicate with digital devices and collect data from your body? Could you imagine yourself as a sort of Terminator being able to scan bar codes? Is Google on the verge of another flop or about to completely revolutionize our life?

Read more here



Accessing internet without a screen: that could look like that

Internet_without_screenNothing is impossible ! We, human, like natural things and we can have happy places with the positive points of internet and without the need of any screens. We can re-connect people with nature without taking away the beauty of digital information.

Have a look to that inspiring Ted Talk here.



Need to boost your Linkedin Profile to lure recruiters ?

linkedin_recommendRecommendations and endorsement by your peers are more valuable to recruiters than you think! Indeed, profile which shows skills and experiences supported by your network appeals more. So if you want to distinguish yourself on Linkedin,  Find out more here

and article in French here


English people can now let people know how you feel with one emoji!

Some would consider UK Apple users very lucky! The new software update, iOS 9.1, includes more emoji that allow people to express themselves even better. Would you want to use some rude hand gesture emoji too?

Find out more about the new features from the UK iOS 9.1 here




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